Ride into the Sunset with Elvis (Yes, he is alive and well in Exuma)

Leaving Chat n Chill after an incredible Sunday Funday is always bittersweet.  As we traveled back to George Town towards this beautiful sunset, all I could do was reflect on an amazing week and be excited about what the week to come would bring.  I am thankful for the smiles and the trials.  Where were your most memorable sunsets and Sundays spent?

Our Favorite View

Walking out on the dock and looking across Elizabeth Harbour and to Stocking Island is an experience.  The tranquilly and unspoiled natural beauty that is at your fingertips is overwhelming.  However, my favorite view is when I turn back and gaze onto the deck of our beautiful little hotel.  The smiles of my work family and guests alike make it all worth it.  Next time you are in Exuma, stop by and let us share a little of what we do best.  Have a drink, make a memory, and we dare you to try to keep a straight face...good times are our specialty.  Cheers to another blessed week in Exuma.

Everyday Is A Day At The Beach In Exuma...

These two have the right idea...with the wind blowing a bit strong today, the best choice is a beach on the leeward side of Stocking Island where you can enjoy the bright sunshine and the wind in your hair, yet still relax in the calm waters.  We can arrange for a water taxi directly from our dock...please see our front desk for your ticket to paradise!

Gobble, Gobble Island Style

We are thankful for all of you and look forward to sharing another Island Thanksgiving right here at EBR.  Our regular menu plus our Thanksgiving Specials will be available all day.  We look forward to sharing such a special holiday with our friends and family from around the world!  Reservations and more information are available at the front desk or via email (242.336.3100 or exumabeachresort@gmail.com)